Message from President’s Desk

by Emily Sopensky, President, IEEE Council on RFID

Early 2017 brings changes and enhancements to the IEEE Council on RFID.

At our first Adcom meeting, the following were appointed to positions in the CRFID:

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Chris Valenta, GaTech Research Institute
  • Vice President, Conferences: Apostolos Georgidias, Assoc. Professor, Heriot-Watt University
  • Vice President, Member Services: Chen Zhi Ning, Professor, National Univeristy of Singapore
  • Vice President, Publications: Shahriar Mirabbassi, Professor, University of British Columbia
  • Vice President, Technical Activities: Magdy Bayoumi, Professor, Univeristy of Louisiana
  • Young Professionals: Matt Trotter, GaTech Research Institute Research Engineer and Francesco Amato
    Matt continues to be in charge of the website; Francesco will take on marketing and publicity for CRFID

In addition, we appointed the following to CRFID posts:

  • George Xiao, CRFID representative from the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society to be CRFID representative to the Smart Materials initiative. He is also appointed as the Chair of the new CRFID Technical Committee on Smart Materials.
  • Fei-Yue Wang, CRFID representative to the Internet of Things (IoT) community. He is Professor from the Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing. We have asked him to establish a CRFID technical committee on IoT
  • Ali Abedi, Professor, University of Maine, has long been involved with the Wireless for Space and Extreme Environments (WiSEE), a conference that CRFID traditionally technically co-sponsors. CRFID appointed him Chair, WiSEE Technical Committee. CRFID expects to be a financial partner of the 2018 conference.
  • Antonio Rizzi, CRFID representative to the IEEE Food Engineering Ad Hoc. He is Professor at the Univeristy of Parma, Italy

At the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS17) conference in Orlando, FL, USA (annual attendance of 40,000), CRFID had a booth in the Intelligent Health Association’s pavilion. This pavilion alone attracts 8,000 people who walk through hospital rooms to understand how wireless solutions, including RFID, are used to deliver healthcare and provide patient safety. The IEEE Standards booth was across the aisle. It was quite a successful venue this year. The highlight was meeting an 18-year old who is employed by a block chain startup. The teenager has been involved with bitcoin since he was 12. Maybe he’ll come to our conference next year to give us a hot topic lecture!


Sadly, I am resigning all my IEEE volunteer positions. My health has taken a turn that I must attend to. I know that the team in place, led by the very able Gisele Bennett, CRFID President-Elect, is already taking the ball and running with it. I have been very honored to know and work with so many of you. Thank you to all of you for what you have done to help IEEE, CRFID and the study of RFID systems. Please continue your good work. I will remain an IEEE member, so I look forward to seeing your names in the news!

Please note the next deadline for the CRFID newsletter is 15 May 2017. Email the editor-in-chief at