From its inception in 2007, the IEEE International Conference on RFID has grown in size and technical importance to the RFID community.  In November, 2008, the IEEE Technical Activities Board recognized this growing technical importance through the establishment of a new technical committee called the IEEE Technical Committee on RFID (CRFID). The purpose of CRFID is to provide a focus for the RFID technology across the technical spectrum of IEEE.  Member societies and councils with an interest in RFID have selected their volunteer representatives who will have voting privileges on the committee. In addition to society and council representatives, CRFID welcomes participation from IEEE members with an interest in RFID. One of the major responsibilities of the committee is the planning and oversight of the IEEE International Conference on RFID series. CRFID will also foster technical exchange through workshops and technical forums. CRFID welcomes any IEEE member who would like to become involved in the work of this new RFID community.

Emily Sopensky, Chair (2015)
Will Lumpkins, Chair (2013 – 2014)
Gisele Bennett, Secretary/Treasurer (2015)